Painting some clouds...

- The blue coulor is ok

- I think it will be rain soon.

- Yes, i can see the clouds from the window.

Early morning rain.

"In the early mornin' rain
With some money in my hand
And an aching in my heart
And my -pockets full of hope
I'm a long ways from home
And I missed my loved one so
In the early mornin' rain
With no place to go"

Postat av: SolSkuggan

What a great paintbrush you have. Can I borrow it or you some day when the clouds are my enemy?

I also love the white house with the Rallarros in the front:)

2009-03-05 @ 21:19:43
Postat av: Sommarmoln

Yess of course you can borrow the paintbrush:)

Have a nice weekend!

/ Sommarmoln

2009-03-06 @ 22:16:30

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