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The t-shirts scandals in sport events 1980-2007

Sweden won whith 3-0 against Lichtenstein and now nothing gonna stop them to go to EM

But the biggest scandal was that a player from the blueberry football nation Lichtenstein, had asked the Swedish top player Marcus Allbeck if he wanted to change t-shirt after the match, that question he asked only 10 minutes after that match had started.


 T-Shirt scandal nr 1 / 2007 Swe-Lie

The Swedish top player Marcus Allbeck said in the radio and in the tv that the blueberry nations arent serios enough and that they dont want to run as fast he do, and kick the ball hard enough.

When Sommarmoln.Se ask the FIFA football organisation about the big scandal about the t-shirt question the say that it has only happend 1 time before in Swedish sports that something like this has happend but it was long time ago in a running competition in the north.

But that person who did that had to move to the south some years after that big scandal.

Summerclouds will follow this and see what kind of punnish Lichtteinstein gonna have.


T shirt scandal 2 - 1980 / Luleluffen (after 3 km of running)

(How you take care of a t-shirt when u get one click "Here")

Snyggast vann!


Grattis BLANKA VLASIC till ett fenomenalt guld i höjdhopp !!

Själv så vann jag 1100 kronor tack vare din vinst ( unibet tillsammans med några andra matcher oxå)

Är du på träningsläger i Sverige/ Västerås så bjuder jag på Chicken ala King och kanske bio oxå! !

Det vinnade spelet ser ut som följer....
Vlasic, B - Bergqvist, K

Bästa slutplacering.
Båda deltagarna måste vara med i finalen för att spelen ska gälla.
1 1.20  
Perry, M - Kallur, Susanna
Bästa slutplacering.
Båda deltagarna måste starta i finalen för att spelet ska gälla
1 1.45  
Slaven Belupo - Galatasaray
2 1.88  
Djurgårdens IF - Hammarby IF
1 2.30  
Reading - Chelsea
2 1.60  
Tottenham - Everton
2 4.60  
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