Slalomklubben i Vidsel 1979

En del av Vidsels slalomklubb 1979

Längst ner till vänster

Björn Kjellander, Peter Andréns lillebror, Stefan Johansson,  Ulrika Pettersson,  Roger Andersson,  Maria Johansson Peder Pettersson,  Nicklas Pettersson

2:a raden från vänster Hans Dahlberg, Helena Wasikoja,  Lillen Carlsson,  
Anders Lätt,  Jan Hedström,  Ola Oskarsson

3:e raden från vänster Lena Kjellander  bakom Lena står Lena Nilsson, Karin Gunnarsson, Stefan Wallinder,  
Anders Carlsson,  Tomas Wikström,  Olov Granström,  Ola Vikman,  Conny Granlund,  
Tomas Berger,  Lars Wasikoja,   Olof Malmqvist

Sista raden Alfons Lindström,  Clas Oskarsson,  ?(gisssar Jörgen Lindström), ?, Mikael Göras,  Peter Andrén,  
Hans Wasikoja bakom Peter Lätt, Peter Johansson,  Harry Granlund,  Anders Dådring

"Våren hade kommit till byn, och slalombacken var stängd för säsongen sedan några veckor tillbaka.
Vi samlades i skolans matbespisning för prisutdelning av den gångna såsongen.
Nästa år då ska jag bli bra tänkte jag.
Nästa år ska jag bli king of the hill, och inte vara sist eller näst sist längre.
Jag tittade fokuserat in i kameran samtidigt som jag tänkte, att jag skulle ha haft en jeans jacka på mig som alla andra, eller åtminstonde en poplin eller träningsoverallsjacka.

Storberget, Vidsel 1968 - 1990


Vidsel i slutet på December 2008 / 30 år senare

Jag kan fortfarande se spåren i snön.



Tack, tack , tack "L" för bilden som du skickade!


.....jag tar på mig en overall, står lite självsäkert framför ett nybyggt hus...

... så kan jag drömma mig bort för en stund och tro att jag är med i ....


Sweet dreams are made of this

"Sweet dreams are made of this

Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world
And the seven seas--
Everybody's looking for something. "

Jag skulle bara.....

...göra färdigt det fjärde planet innan jag gick och la mig.

Det svåraste var nog att göra molnen och limma fast dom stora vingarna.

The Aeroplane song.


A new day is here and we reading the news, the old days has passed.

Yes , i remember that.

Tuesday morning

All people were study...

I was so impressed when i saw them sitting and reading the big books about big subjects..
I decided that i wanted to do the same, i wanted to be one of them ...
reading big books, get a sucessful life, a amazing work, a faboulos house, giant car, new fast snowmobile,
eating at luxuary resturants wearing new clothes, travel everywere i want...(The list was loong)
I took the step... i started to study...far from me...

ZzZZZzzZZZZ the girl whith the blue clothes and the big book wasnt there..
All talked like Einsteins, all looked like mini Einsteins..
"Ohh we gonna save the world!!", " Ohh i have answer of everything cos i have worked whith thisssss"
"Ohhh what a intresting book and Ohhhh, what a intresting subjects you talk about teacher ohhhh"
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! icould hear from all of them

I did all i could to survive the months at the school, i put picture on my wall in the small student room, i installed a phone in the room even if it was terribly expensive, i put a small television on a chair at my room and tried even to see Cafe Norrköping to kill some hours.

I was thinking to my self now it is only 169 days left.

Please wake me up when the studies are over!!

"Wake me up before you go-go
Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo
Wake me up before you go-go
I don't want to miss it when you hit that high
Wake me up before you go-go
'Cause I'm not plannin' on going solo
Wake me up before you go-go
Take me dancing tonight
I wanna hit that high (yeah, yeah)"

All people had told me....

The cup at 21.28
..." dont drink coffee after 9 in the evening cos then it is impossibly to sleep"

- The clock was 9.30 and it was evening, and i did a thing i shouldnt do...

I drinked coffee.

Me between 22.15- 01-30 11 i understood that they had right, at 11.30 i started to count the stars i had on my bedclothes,
 at 12.04 i started to wondering how the summer should be,
at 12.54 i did sit-ups in the bed...

Vidsel / Villagatan 01.38

... at 1.38 i took a walk whith the car, and from the light from the car i could see that all the village was sleeeping.

Ok ok ok i shall not drink coffee after 9 again...

I remember that!!

"Nothing sounds as good as "I Remember That"
Like a bolt out from the blue, did you feel it too ?
- I remember that

Name me one little thing, you'll be wanting to keep
As you give up the ghost as you sink into sleep
Maybe her face in the morning, maybe his in the evening
Maybe words never spoken, aren't they the ones worth hearin' ?
Say I remember that

Nothing sounds as good as "I Remember That"
Like a bolt out from the blue, did you feel it too ?
- I remember that
Nothing sounds as good as "I Remember That"
Like a bolt out from the blue, did you feel it too ?
- I remember that

'Cos that's all we can have, yes it's all we can trust
It's a hell of a ride but a journey to dust
And there's nothing pathetic listing clothes she'd wear
If it proves that I had you, if it proves I was there
Say I remember that"

I dont know why....

.... i started to think about it, but when i was sitting here on the cold stone, at the cold wind, i was thinking about that i should  have cut my hair, and that NOWW!!..... a small nice warm salooon in a warm nice country..

But i was sitting in the mountains on a cold stone.

Please turn the stone!

"The mountains are empty now the lights dont shine no more
And so the songs are way down low turning turning turning
A sound that flows into my mind the echoes of the daylight
Of everything that is alive in my blue world

I turn to stone when the sun are gone, I turn to stone.
Turn to stone when the sun aint comin home, I cant go on."

I was.....

.... hungry, thirsty, tired, felt dizzy, it was raining, and windy  and i had lonoooong way home...
But i understood that it was a living thing.

I was longing for....

........the warm bed at home.

Even if we had to make the bed every morning

but i understood it was a livin thing.

"Sailin away on the crest of a wave
Its like magic
Rollin and ridin and slippin & slidin
Its magic

And you, and your sweet desire,
You took me, higher and higher
Its a livin thing,
Its a terrible thing to lose
Its a given thing
What a terrible thing to lose.

Making believe this is what youve conceived
From your worst day,
Moving in line when you look back in time
To your first day"

A saturday evening 22 years ago....

I had a feeling that i had choosed the wrong table.


Days in the small village

Tisdag 22.51

Västerås den 17 feb 2009 kl 22.51

- Nu ska du få höra, min älskling! Björklöven vann över Mora med 3-2, så nu har Västerås världens läge att ta sig till kvalserien!! Det återstår bara 4 matcher för dom att spela! På fredag måste vi gå till Rocklunda och se då Västerås möter Huddinge! Go Västerås Goooo!!!!!

28 år tidigare....Vidsel den 14 februari 1981 , kl 08.54

Då jag vaknade denna söndagmorgon kunde jag se dom komma

Inte nog med att dom var 3, dom hade dessutom triss i TUR!!!

1. Alla i byn sov
2. Dom traskade över Jannes farsas gård, och han var inte intresserad av jakt.
3. Dom var på väg till våran tomt, och där skulle ingen våga skjuta dom tre älgarna, för min pappa var Polis.

The Animals - We gotta get out of this place

The shops in the night

The calm light from the windows was night even in Prague, London, Pajala, Moscow, Gdynia...
well the list is long...
I can say that most  of the european people was sleeping..

I was sleeping to, and i was dreaming that the first summer rain was falling.

Im a dreamer

"If I could see something
You can see anything you want boy
If I could be someone-
You can be anyone,celebrate boy.
If I could do something-
Well you can do something,
If I could do anything-
Can you do something out of this world?

Take a dream on a Sunday
Take a life, take a holiday
Take a lie, take a dreamer
Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream along..."

When i be older....

- " When i be older i want to have a house at the countryside, i will have a wife and a dog,
you will run outside the house Matilda,  in the grass when im sitting and looking at you"

-"When i was younger i had a dog, her name was Matilda she was a black sweet ,kind dog.
I didnt had so many friends when i was a kid, Matilda was like a friend to me, she was always waiting for me when i was coming home from the school, and in the morning she waked me up.
She followed me and my father always  when we went out for training, she liked to run."

-I wondering who is the owner of this dog, i havent seen her here before.

 And have you seen the sky my love?
the sky looks special this evening, we can even see the moon, nights like this i dont want to sleep..

Harvest Moon

"Come a little bit closer
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleepin
We could dream this night away.

But theres a full moon risin
Lets go dancin in the light
We know where the musics playin
Lets go out and feel the night."

The green fields.

I had read about the green fields, far away from me when i was a kid.

Many years later i was there on the green fields very far from me,
and i dont know how, but for a day i was a helpcoach for a mountainbike team.

I was there on the green fields
Green days in my life

The green field on the map from school.

"You'll remember me when the west wind moves
Among the fields of GDL
You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
When we walked in fields of gold

Many years have passed since those summer days
Among the fields of GDL
See the children run as the sun goes down
As you lie in fields of gold

You'll remember me when the west wind moves
Among the fields of GDL
You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
When we walked in fields of gold
When we walked in fields of gold
When we walked in fields of gold "

The green fields

Leaving the factory..

I had to go,  i tried to smile, i wanted to cry..

I wanted to be like them...

Men at work.

... the day after i was still telling my self...

It doesnt have to be this way.

Even if it felt hard, i had to understand that the work was over...

Im Stepping out

"Pack up all your things
We're gonna be leaving
Sooner than I thought
Take the things you bought
Clouds are gathering.

Say goodbye to all your friends
We're gonna be sorry
For a while, that´s how it goes
But then again, who knows
About the rain.

I´m steppin' out
I´m moving on
I´m gonna see the world
Like a rolling stone
I´m gonna be somebody...
Oh, I´m steppin' out."


Today many years later it is PLUS 2 degrees outside.

Finally the spring will arrives!!

PLUS 2 , increadibly!!

Resturangen i en annan del av världen.

Vid borden satt alla och samtalade lugnt och stilla om dagen som hade gått...

...själv kände jag att jag hade valt fel mat, fel klädsel, jag hade t-shirt på mig, och dessutom ingen hatt..

Jag hade lust att ställa mig upp och fråga..

Can we dance?

"We can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance
Well they're no friends of mine
I say, we can go where we want to
A place where they will never find
And we can act like we come from out of this world
Leave the real one far behind
And we can dance

We can dance if we want to
We've got all your life and mine
As long as we abuse it, never gonna lose it
Everything'll work out right
I say, we can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance
Well they're no friends of mine"


Ett glas lycka.

Då jag gick förbi och kikade in genom dom stora isiga rutorna...

kunde jag se konturerna av jakten på lycka.


Sunday evening /Vs monday morning, week 6-7 2009 at our home.


- Jag förstår inte, på tvn sa dom att det skulle bli snö i morrn

- Titta ut min älskling, ligg inte och sov nu, kan du se några tecken på att det blir snö i morrn?

- Jaså du sover, jag ska oxå sova nu, en ny vecka väntar i morgon, V 7 heter den.

- Men om det blir snö min äskling, så ska jag gå ut och fota eller fotografera som det heter.

- Vad tycker du om det min älskling?

- Jajust det, du sover.

- Jag ska oxå sova nu.

Snön kom under natten och jag var tvungen att hålla mitt löfte.

Foto 1

- Ojjj vad fint vad vackert!! , det påminner om alperna nästan. där Anja Persson åker VM störtlopp snart, men det otroliga är att det är utanför oss.. Det måsta jag fota.. eller fotografera som det heter.

Foto 2.

- Ojjj en snögubbe, vad roligt att se!, om jag hukar mig ned då jag fotograferar denna så får jag med husen oxå, bra ide!

Foto 3

- Oj vilken poetisk bild, liksom längtan efter sommar på något sätt eller på engelska, " waiting for the summer"

Foto 4

- Oj nu går jag in igen, jag ska börja jobba snart.

Ska först dricka kaffe, undrar om vi har kvar några kakor hemma?

Hejdå snögubben!!

Hej mitt vinterland!!

"Hej mitt vinterland, nu är jag här
Nu biter frosten i min kind, ty kall är dagen
Hej mitt vinterland, se solen där
Den lyser kyligt kring, på ljusahimlapällen

Pulkors klang nu friden stör
När vi genom staden kör
Bofink uti granens topp
Förlåt att vi väckte dig opp

Hej mitt vinterland nu är jag här
Och vinter håll i dig
Nu blinkar höghusets ljus mot mig
I mitt vita vinterland"


Det var fredag och äntligen var det semester.
Alla ville hem från jobbet så fort som möjligt för att fira.

"Everybody spread the word
We're gonna have a celebration
All across the world
In every nation
It's time for the good times
Forget about the bad times, oh yeah
One day to come together
To release the pressure
We need a holiday "


Nästa dag

Kom igen super-puman! Vattnet är inte kallt, Vattnet är inte kallt, Vattnet är inte kallt,
Vattnet är inte kallt, Vattnet är inte kallt,....

En grå semester

Vi har stängt fabriken, åkt så långt som det kan gå
Långt ifrån trafiken, för att slicka våra sår
Vi känner till ett hotell i ett annat land, dit ingen telefon kan nå
Ett glas som klirrar grogg i handen, och radion står på

Och det här är nog så långt från himlen som vi kommer nå

Det här skulle vara drömmen om semestern, himlen den är ännu inte blå
Och någon fågel  gal i väster, kom gärna hit och hälsa på
I horisonten hör vi flygplan, vi vill flyga längre bort ändå
För radion spelar dåliga låtar, och jag kan svära på

Att det här är nog så långt från himlen som vi kommer nå

För vi har stängt fabriken, åkt så långt som det kan gå
Långt, långt upp till annat land,och jag kan svära på

Att det här är nog så långt från himlen som vi kommer nå.

Come on honey!

Its saturday morning and the clock is 9.15, -Come on! we can eat breakfast now and after that we can do something, maybe go and train, or go to the city.
Today the wheater is a little bit cloudy as always here in Västerås and the temperature is about -3 degrees, we have got a lot of snow during the night maybe 2.1 centmeter.
And it is Saturday!! Lovely Saturday!!

Come on Honey!!

Dagens skivtips

The Hotel

I love the atmosphere at the hotels, all people seems to be happy, relaxed and they look forward to all
things they gonna see.

- Now we go to the room whith our bagage, and after that we go out in the city.
Good idea its lovley wheather and the shops are open 5 more hours
- Maybe we have to buy some bus tickets
I wondering if the reception is open 24 hours?
- We should have bought some lemonads and chips, its delicious to have at the room
I hope we can go to the museum tomorrow
- Yes, but why cant we get the key to our room, i start to be irritated

I had aalways dreamed to work in the reception
.... welcome welcome! here u have the key

The Hotel

And about key, here is another Key..
Sommarmoln Proudly presents..
 Kelly Key

Looking out...

The first thing i do when i wake up is lookng out the windows.. to see how the new day is..
Some other persons in other countries do the same..

This morning ( for many years ago) it was a lot of snow when i waked up.

Wake up.

Waiting for the sun

It was always a special,lovley,wonderful,exciting feeling when the winter changed to spring..
...or when the spring changed to summer.

The winter was over, the winter was death and i hoped it would never come back.
Now it should always be sunny days, no more cold mornings.

Jag ville se vad som dolde sig bakom nästa krön, bakom nästa kulle.
Det var tisdag, och vi hade hela 12 dagar kvar i paradiset.


At 16.48

I tried to work but my girlfriend took my attention..

But in the same time i worked better when she was around me..

So i couldnt complain.

...Some years earlier.

Men at work.

Going to see a movie..

..Im leaving the city jam behind me..
sitting down.. eating popcorn, drinking cold coke,
i have done it before to in other places, like
Vidsel, Luleå, Västerås, Stockholm, Älvsbyn, Karlstad, Lund, Arvidsjaur, Piteå...
and in other countris like Poland and Mexico.
The movie will soon start..
Its dark, its relaxing and outside the cinema, the first summerrain fall.

...ligger på soffan.. försöker dricka kaffe samtidigt...
Bläddrar mellan kanalerna.. Manchester United leder.
Egentligen borde jag gå fram till tvn och skjuta glasdörren mer till höger, den dämpar/ skymmer högtalaren.

Something about you.

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