A day in Stockholm


I took the bus early in the morning to go to  the Capital of Sweden, a lady hold her mob phone to tell her husband who was home that he should hoover the house and give water to the flowers, another lady  had a big blue sport bag if she should find some nice prices on clothes or nice things to there new house.

I was standing behind them and the only thing i wanted was to sit down in the bus and sleep for a while .


When  i finally arrived to Stockholm i saw a girl walking whith a cykle, i couldnt understand why she didnt cykled, maybe it was becouse she soon should meet a group of tourists on the bridge.


After a while i saw a big building  it was the castle, i think i  saw the king in one of the windows, i have heard that his doughter soon gonna marry whith a man who like to train at the gym. By the side i have a training card at the gym in Västerås at Nautilus.


I camed to a open place in sweden they called it for a "torg" i asked some people what they were doing on that "torg"  cos i wanted to know how citylife was like.

"A" had planned to buy a new jacket but he couldnt  find any good one so he bought LEGO to his son who soon should have birthday, they had special price at LEGO in the shop around the corner he say

"B" had planned to rubber a bank.

"C" was a couple who had met in the net and this day was the first day they met in real, she was from Gävle and he had lived 2 years in Stockholm, he  was working at Arlanda.

"D" was to stressed to stop and talk, she should go home to her kids

"E" Should buy alcohol at systembolaget, " You know its the party day today its saturday" i asked him what kind of alcohol he buy, and he told me that it will be 6 beers and 1 bottle of whine to her wife.

"F" She had got a present of her friend who was  walking beside her, and it was a trip to Stockholom, now they should go to the resturant and in the evening they should go to theater, they stayed in a nice hotel at Gamla Stan, "i have been old" she told me" i have just been 40 years old thats the reason of the celebration."

After that i took a hot dog and wondered where i should go now.


I felt bad after the hot dog so i bought some fruits.

I felt tired of all the people arround me so i decided to go by the boat on a sightseeing from the water, i had heard that Stockholm is lovley from that wiev, it was many other people waiting for the boat, i payed the ticket and the battery to my camera was empty so i had


Jag är med på en lista !!! Ä N T L I G E N !!!!!!!!!!!   kolla HÄR

Jag firar detta med ett resturang besök


Meny köttbullar, potatis, brunsås. sallad, Lingondricka, hårtbröd, smör
Efterrrätt: Kanelbulle, kaffe samt socker, Pris: 61 kronor, Tid 53 minuter

106 km


Close to the Subway - Stockholm


Close to me - 5 min outside Västerås

Authumn Leaves


A calm day in my life


"The falling leaves, drift by the windows, the authumn leaves of red and Gold.
I see your lips, the summer kisses the sun burned hands i use to hold"

A intelligent class 1975 ( 32 years ago) Vidsel.


Teacher: " Kids ! how do you think it will be in the future, when many many years has gone and the year is 2000?

Monica: " I think when we are very old and the year is 2000, people will have phones as they can carry when they go out from there homes not phones like now whith a cable and whith those phones i think u can even be able to take photos and listening to music!!!".

Lars: "I think we have machines, yes teacher, like a monitor as we can read news , listen to music and talk to other people through a camera and will be able to even pay bills by the monitor and those machines almost all swedish people will have in there homes in about 25 years"

Niklas " In 2000 i think we will have a lot, real a lot of tv channels when u can see sports, movies, horror, action and even program whith naked people on, that 24 hours a day whitout any break, not like now only 2 channels who stop sending at 10 in the evening but the risk as i see it will be that many cinemas will close for that reason "

Katrin: " i think that the gasoline will be very expensiv  not 2 kronor/ liter as now maybe up to 12 kronor a liter!!! cos the situation in the that area were the oil comes will be more conflicts then now,but i think a country like USA for example will do all they can to solve those conflicts , cos they have big intrests in there"

Ola " i think young people will have cap on there head like i have now"

Marianne " i think people will travel much on there vacation, not like now only in Sweden, in 2000 they will go to countries were the elephants, zebras and indians are living like Thailand for example"

Annika " i think we will be able to warm up food in some kind of machines whith electro magnetic waves,"

All kids: "Yess teacher and all of us will have good works, earn a lot of money and have kids who are smarter then we are!!!".

Poker 1977-2007


I had 3 Ess on my hand  and 2 ladies at my side, i knew i should win, outside it was raining but i didnt cared.
 ( 1977)


We used to play card at my work, nothing could stop us, the winter was over , the spring had arrived and we had bought new sun glasses. (2001)


My friend understood that the game was over, i had a cool smile on my lips. ( 2005)


My Aunt and Uncle was suprised that i was a Poker star, i had almost lived  1 year in Västerås but  this evening  was the first time we played Poker. ( This evening).

The t-shirts scandals in sport events 1980-2007

Sweden won whith 3-0 against Lichtenstein and now nothing gonna stop them to go to EM

But the biggest scandal was that a player from the blueberry football nation Lichtenstein, had asked the Swedish top player Marcus Allbeck if he wanted to change t-shirt after the match, that question he asked only 10 minutes after that match had started.


 T-Shirt scandal nr 1 / 2007 Swe-Lie

The Swedish top player Marcus Allbeck said in the radio and in the tv that the blueberry nations arent serios enough and that they dont want to run as fast he do, and kick the ball hard enough.

When Sommarmoln.Se ask the FIFA football organisation about the big scandal about the t-shirt question the say that it has only happend 1 time before in Swedish sports that something like this has happend but it was long time ago in a running competition in the north.

But that person who did that had to move to the south some years after that big scandal.

Summerclouds will follow this and see what kind of punnish Lichtteinstein gonna have.


T shirt scandal 2 - 1980 / Luleluffen (after 3 km of running)

(How you take care of a t-shirt when u get one click "Here")

Saturday (i go and train)


I  park the car free on the street, and when i walk through the tunnel, i leave the city behind me and i am home.


I cant hear the sound of the cars here, only the sound of the birds, the smell of the flowers and in the summertime people use to lay down in the grass and read some books and have calm picnics.


When i come home im thinking if i shall go and train, maybe swimming, or maybe at the gym, or maybe running but  i have ill in my heel so i cant run, i really miss it.
Maybe i shall see some tv, or work a litte bit extra.
I go to the kitchen and take a sandwich whith kaviar and coffee.


Im sitting in the kitchen and drinking the coffe and listening to the radio, its the local radio from Västerås, it will be sun  tomorrow to,  im reading the comercials, maybe i shall go and train spinning which time was it, im leaving the table and goes to my bedroom were i have my working place to ( compact living u know)


I start the computer and i can see on the net that the spinning starts at 4 , the time is only 2 , i lay down in the bed  for a rest , its so calm i never hear any sounds from my neighbours. After that i goes to the living rooom, i think its tennis from Stockholm today.


When i put on the tv i can see that the match is over, Tomas Johansson has won over the last year final man Black, now he will meet a giant in the final who is taller then me, he is 208 cm tall!
Im reading the text tv, maybe i should pack my things for the training , im wondering were i have my spinning trousers, i leave the sofa and goes to the bath room.


I turn back and goes back to the tv cos i forgot to close it, i cant find the remote control i think i have to many, but finally i see it under the sofa. After that i go back and looking for my training clothes.

Yes here they are, when i am in the bathroom my aunt calls me she wants that i visiting them before i go and train,
i pack my things quickly in a bag, and leave the flat


Outside the birds still singing                                            / Västerås a saturday night click HERE

60 dagar i Västerås

  Lögarängsbadet Västerås 2007-10-10 kl 13.15 ,  7 grader C  ( Klicka på "grader" )

Sun   Lögarängsbadet Västerås 2007-08-10 kl 14.23 ,  28 grader C  ( Klicka på "Sun")

"Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, i say its alright..
Little darling it has been a long cold lonley winter, little darling,
it feels like years since  you been here
, but here comes the sun, here comes the sun."

Efterlyst 1972


Min pappa hade en ny high tech polis bil och hade just avslutat jobbet för dagen, själv hade jag åkt pulka på den sista snön. Mamma lagade mat "det blir lever biff och potatis i dag med lingonsylt, vi ska in och äta nu" sa pappa och stängde dörren till polisbilen, jag la in pulkan i garaget och följde med honom in, mina blöta kläder hängde mamma upp i pannrummet.

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